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Sylvia Lee is a certified Pilates instructors who has been working in the Pilates and Fitness industry for over 15 years.

Sylvia has been imparting her extensive knowledge to her clients and ultimately helped them reach their personal goals.  Sylvia completed a Diploma of Professional Pilates instruction with Pilates International Training Centre (PilatesITC) Sydney and along with short courses at the Reach Movement Health  In 2012 she became member of the APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association).

Working in Sydney in different Studios has brought her the ambition of running her own Studio.  In 2012 Cristina Moroto established the practice alongside our physiotherapy practice in Milsons Point, and Sylvia Lee is now the principal managing the Pilates program.

The Pilates Clinic educates their clients about the importance of living with a strong and balanced body by providing effective techniques tailored to each individual client.

Services at the Studio:

  • Studio Pilates: Private or Semi-Private Pilates classes with the traditional Pilates Equipment.
    An extraordinary  workout that will  make your strength and flexibility in a way that you couldn't imagine. With this type of specialised  Pilates sessions you will reach your own goals and progress at your own pace getting the most out of each session for your needs.
  • Rehabilitation programs: Clinical Pilates sessions to recover your body from a injury,  illness or surgery. The rehabilitation programs allow your body to facilitate the recovery from loss of function, allowing your body to get back to “move”, to “work” to “play”, to “live”.
  • Group Pilates classes: “A real body challenge” where you will workout muscles that you weren't aware of before. The classes are a combination of strength and flexibility where you will challenge your core muscles : “abs, buttocks, back” Everything coordinated with a specific breathing technique that will make your circulation improve as well as your body awareness.
  • Yoga classes: Using an established sequence of postures that flow into each other, it provides a strong physical workout, improved balance, subtleness, strength and connects the body & mind more vividly.

Our passion for teaching and healthy lifestyle make the classes professional, fun and educational for everyone.

Information and bookings:

Ph: 0430 756 833
Upstairs, 2-8 Ennis Rd Milsons Point, 2061

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